Welcome to Zaza Limo Service! 

We are a distinguished chauffeur service with an illustrious legacy spanning almost 15 years. Established years ago, by our Georgian founder, Zaza Abutidze. We take pride in embodying the essence of luxury travel with a touch of Georgian hospitality.

Our founder, fluent in Georgian and Russian, brings a unique cultural flair to our service. With a deep understanding of the nuances of hospitality, Zaza Abutidze has played a pivotal role in shaping Zaza Limo Service into a brand that seamlessly blends sophistication with warmth.

Since our inception, we have meticulously curated a premium fleet of vehicles, setting the standard for luxury transportation. Each ride is a testament to our commitment to providing an exceptional experience for our clients. 

At Zaza Limo Service our chauffeurs are more than drivers – they are ambassadors of luxury, trained to deliver a service that goes beyond transportation. With a focus on professionalism and discretion, our chauffeurs ensure that every client experiences the epitome of refined travel.

Having served a diverse clientele, including corporate executives, celebrities, and discerning individuals, we understand the art of delivering a bespoke experience. Our founder’s multilingual proficiency further enhances our ability to cater to a global audience, ensuring seamless communication in Russian, Georgian, and English.

As we celebrate nearly 15 years of service, we continue to evolve, embracing innovation while staying true to our core values of reliability, elegance, and customer satisfaction. Join us at Zaza Limo Service for a ride that transcends expectations – where luxury meets legacy.


At Zaza Limo Service, we are on a mission to redefine the chauffeur experience, harmonizing luxury, sustainability, safety, and comfort. Our unwavering commitment is to go beyond expectations, providing an exceptional service with a focus on eco-friendly practices. Your safety, your time, and your comfort are paramount in our dedication. Embark on a journey where lavishness converges with environmental responsibility, setting a fresh benchmark in chauffeur services.


Our vision extends beyond the present, aiming to shape the future of chauffeur services. We aspire to be pioneers in seamlessly integrating luxury, sustainability, safety, and comfort, redefining industry standards. Envisioning a world where our commitment to eco-friendly practices becomes a benchmark, we see ourselves at the forefront of responsible transportation. Through continuous innovation, client-centric solutions, and the embrace of cutting-edge technologies, our goal is not just to provide exceptional chauffeur services but to be the catalyst for positive change in the way we move, combining opulence and environmental stewardship for a transformative journey ahead.

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